Carpet Maintenance

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Many customers have often asked us, "what can be done to keep my carpet clean in between regular cleanings?" Here are some recommendations that will help extend the life of your carpet.

  • Vacuum your carpets as often as possible, at least on a weekly basis to prevent the build up of dirt in your carpet. 

  • Try not to wear bare feet on your carpet, if possible wear socks or slippers on your carpets at all times. Oils secrete from the bottom of your feet that will create a sticky residut that will attrack dirt. 

  • If you have pets, try to keep them off your carpets as much as possible. Their fur leave an oily residue that is at a much higher level than the residue that can be left behind from bare feet. Pet urine also has acid in it that will eat at the fibres of your carpet, making it very hard to remove. 

  • Remove any stains as soon as they appear on your carpet. The longer a stain remains, the deeper it will penetrate into the fibres your carpet. We recommend that you use the free bottle of spot remover or follow the spot removal techniques as soon as the stain appears. 

  • Call us to get your carpets cleaned before dirt appears in your traffic lanes. Once dirt starts to accumulate it will begin to grind into the fabrics of your carpet, causing damage that is hard to reverse. 

  • Make sure that you get your carpets cleaned professionally every six months. This will ensure the maximum life of any carpet.


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