Upholstery Maintenance

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  • Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming removes the tiny dust, food particles, etc. that accumulate and get "ground-in" to your upholstery fabric. They cause poor appearance and premature wear. 

  • Turn cushions. If your furniture has reversible cushions, be sure to turn them over once in a while. Through time, cushions sag or begin to wear unevenly; turning them will prolong their lives. 

  • Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight. Extended exposure to ultra-violet sun rays may fade fabric. 

  • Rearrange furniture once in a while if direct sunlight is unavoidable. 

  • Protect furniture with headrest and armrest covers. FABRIC PROTECTOR Along with cleaning codes, manufacturers often indicate whether their fabric has been treated with a topical stain protector such as Scotchgard, Zepel, or with Teflon.

  • Properly applied, protectant will repel water-based spills and guard against permanent staining. NOTE: Since fabric protectors are applied to the surface of the fibers, eventually the protection will wear off. Reapplication of the fabric protector every few years will further extend the life of your upholstery. 

  • A professional NuLook technician can renew this protector using a sophisticated formula containing 3M Scotchgard. Applied to the upholstery surface after cleaning the specially designed, invisible protectant guards against stains and spills, allowing easier care between professional cleanings. Learn more about Scotchgard in our Fabric Protector section.


Follow the easy do-it-yourself tips found on the cleaning tips page to help keep your furniture looking like new longer. However regular professional cleaning to remove deep down soil and stubborn spots and stains is the best way to retain the original beauty of your upholstery. 

How often you have your upholstery professionally cleaned depends on how much you use your furniture and how quickly it gets soiled. A white recliner in the family room will require more frequent cleaning than a brown tweed chair in your bedroom. 


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