Carpet Cleaning


We will clean a small area of carpeting at absolutely no cost to you. If you are pleased with the sample you will be provided a free no obligation estimate.

If you are not completely convinced that we will do the best job after you receive your estimate we will pick up our supplies and leave.

Please read on to find out more about our carpet cleaning process.

  • All furniture is moved from each room and the carpet is vacuumed to pick up any loose dirt.
  • A pre-spot removal is conducted to take out any visible stains throughout the room.
  • The carpet is then treated with a pre oil spray that will break up all the grease and oils accumulated in you carpet.
  • Our homemade spot removal solution is sprayed on the entire area being cleaned to attack any non-visible stains.
  • All corners are then cleaned by hand, to reach tight areas that are not accessible by our machine.
  • Now our state of the art dry foam extraction machine is ready to be used. 70,000 carbon brissles are put to work on your carpet. The machine uses a dry foam detergent to carefully lift and remove dirt deep within your carpet.
  • At this point a protective coating of 3M SCOTCHGARD finish may be applied at your discretion. Although this service is offered at an additional cost to you, 3M SCOTCHGARD will provide an invisible protectant that will help guard your carpet against stains and spills. Making it much easier to keep your carpets clean between professional cleanings. We also provide a money-back guarantee on all scotchgarding that will amaze you.
  • After the carpet has been cleaned a pile broom is used that will raise you carpet fibres to restore the look of your carpet to a beautiful finish.
  • All furniture is replaced and plastic protective pads are applied under the legs of your furniture to prevent any wood or metal from reacting with the fibres of your damp carpet

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