Leather Redyeing/Repair
Nulook Leather Restoration

Think twice about throwing out your old leather furniture and buying new! Check out the video below and give us a call at 519-966-0700 to book your appointment today! We offer full colour redying and also repair fading, wear and tear, pet damage, ink stains, colour loss and much more! You can also check out our website at www.thenulook.ca.

Posted by Nulook inc on Friday, January 13, 2017

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Leather Reconditioning

A Showroom Finish Everytime

Our Unique leather reconditioning process will help rejuvenate your leather into a showroom finish that will amaze you.

Re-Conditioning Procedure

  • Pre-oil break is applied to the leather to separate the grease and oil from your leather's surface.
  • Our soil extraction machine is used to remove any remaining dirt and stains that may be deeply imbedded in the material.
  • The leather is then dried and a conditioner is massaged into the leather to supply a protective coating that will prevent the cracking of your leather in the future.

Leather Redyeing

If you are looking into redyeing your leather, look no further.

Tom Tar is our leather specialist. He has received certification while working in California for a reputable carpet cleaning company. His experience will help bring a new life back to your old and worn out leather.

Re-Dyeing Procedure

  • The piece of furniture is cleaned with a pre-oil break to remove dirt, grim and the old finish of leather.
  • A colour coded dye that matches your piece of leather is then applied. This will eliminate cracks, wear spots and discolouration.
  • An additional coat of chemical is added to provide a glossy finish that will leave your furniture shining for years to come.

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