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Carpet Cleaning

Steps We Take

• Pre-spot and pre-treat your carpet.

• We remove all furniture (reasonable in weight).

• Before the cleaning starts we clean all edges by hand.

• We then use our dry foam extraction machine which will clean your carpet ver well. It dries fast because little water is used. Your carpet stays cleaner longer because there is no residue left behind and our machines go down to the base of your carpet fibers, making sure it removes all the dirt. 

• After we are done, we put back the furniture and put protective covers on the floor if needed.

• For step cleaning we do the same as above but with our hand machine.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Steps We Take

• We can clean your rugs on site or pick up and deliver.

• We pre-vacuum.

• Pre-spot and pre-treat.

• Then we use our dry foam extraction machine, which uses very little water. This insures that your expensive Oriental Rug will clean well, never shrinking and the colour will not run. We do perform a color fast test to make sure this will not happen. 

• Once we are done we will deliver the rug to your location.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Steps We Take

• We first pre-vacuum.

• Pre-spot treat any major stains and pre-treat with a pre-oil break.

• Pre-oil break with break up the body oil which holds all the dirt This is found mainly around the arm rest and near the top of the couch.

• Then we use our dry foam extraction machine. This machine uses low moisture. It cleans ver well. It drys quickly and never leaves a residue so your furniture stays cleaner longer. 

• This cleaning method is safe for all types of fabric.

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Leather Redyeing/Repair

Cleaning, Re-Dyeing, Repair

Steps We Take

• We first pre-vacuum.

• We then apply a pre-oil break which loosens up body oils on the surface of the leather. Body oils cause the leather to have dirt particles stick to it, causing it to look dirty.

• Pre-oil break sets in for five minutes, then we use our dry-foam extraction machine. The foam and brush gets deep into the pores, removing all of the dirt.

• After cleaning we re-condition the leather, putting the natural oils back in the surface. This prevents leather from cracking. 

Repair & Re-Dyeing Part Replacement 

• We repair leather furniture on site. We fix all types of damages: ink, scratches, tears, discolouring and much, much more. We can also do part replacement.

• For full re-dyes, we pick up and deliver your furniture. You can fully change the colour of your furniture or stay with the same colour. Once it is done your furniture will look like new.

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Tile/Grout Cleaning

Steps We Take

• Before we start to clean any grout, we test a small area to see if the grout can come clean. Some grout is too saturated with dirt and will never come clean.

• Once we test an area and make sure it can be cleaned, we pre-treat the tile floor and let it set for a few minutes allowing the dirt to loosen up.

• Once that is done, we go over it with our grout cleaning machine to scrub the grout, lifting out any dirt.

• We extract the dirt and wash the floor with a neutralizer. 

• We can apply a sealer at an extra cost. 

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Shower Restoration

We restore your shower to make it look like new again without the expense of full renovations.

Services we offer:
  • Full Shower Cleaning - cleans the tile and grout plus grout lines removing mould calcium and soap scum.
  • Colour Seal - Any colour u want ,protect the grout from staining make grout lines look new again.
  • Clean Shower Doors - we clean the metal and glass removing any soap scum build up.

  • We offer removal of old silicon and replace it with new.
  • We do full or partial re-grouting and also offer tile replacement.

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